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February 10th, 2021: Premium Service and Custom Chart Archive Service Offer

Posted by pugsma on February 10, 2021


Sign up for Year 2021 Premium Service Quarter 1(Q1) Pro-rated 2 Months (March) for $65 or Annual Pro-rated 11 Months (February-December) for a $550 ( Buy Now ) and receive the rest of February for free.

The Premium Service uses Elliott Wave Theory, channel analysis, Fibonacci extension/retracement, momentum oscillators and chart pattern recognition to help forecast market directional moves in the SP-500, other indexes, various stocks and commodities.  Based on PUG’s own charts, trend lines and price movement projections, PUG will provide technical analysis updates.

  • Focused on the SP-500 Forecast using charting and technical analysis.
  • Additional price forecast for various indexes, bonds and commodities  (examples: QQQ – Nasdaq, IWM – Russell-2000, TLT – Treasure Bonds, GLD – Goldusing charting and technical analysis.  Which additional charts are chosen is entirely up to PUG’s discretion based on significant price movement changes of importance.
  • Website daily updates with password protected premium content (Note: updates are for days in which USA markets are open).
  • Daily market commentary and charts (15-min, 60-min, 4-hr, daily and weekly time frames) with price movement projection provided.
  • Moderated comments section where subscribers can interact real-time with PUG and other subscribers on technical analysis.
  • New for 2020 and 2021:  Occasional video chart updates with commentary.


Sign up for the 2021 Custom Chart Archive ( Buy Now ) at a pro-rated discount of $180 for the balance of calendar year 2021.

  1. customer requests an initial technical analysis chart on a stock, index or commodity. Click Link to Buy: Price $60
    • Customer can request the time frame (15-min, 60-min, 4-hr, daily) used for the chart.
    • Technical Analysis could be Elliott Wave based and/or chart pattern recognition.
    • BEFORE Paying, Send an e-mail to PUG (Steve) at pug.sma.llc@gmail.com with chart initial request details.
    • Allow up to 2 business to complete the initial chart technical analysis work.
  2. A customer requests an update to the chart. Click Link to Buy: Price $30
    • Price is for each update requested after the initial chart.
    • BEFORE Paying, Send an e-mail to PUG (Steve) at pug.sma.llc@gmail.com with chart update details.
    • Allow up to 1 business days to complete the updated technical analysis work.
  3. Access to the Annual Custom Chart Archive of ALL custom charts prepared for ALL subscribers.   Click Link to Buy:  Price $180 (access the entire 2021 calendar year).
    • Custom chart archive access gives a subscriber access to ALL custom initial and update charts PUG has prepared across the calendar year. This is not just their own personal charts, but ALL charts prepared for ALL other subscribers (expected to be 100’s of charts).
    • PUG will add his own custom charts to supplement the service.
    • 2021 Charts: Many of the same charts as 2020, plus many more. AAPL, AMZN, AMLP, WBA, TEVA, TWTR, GBTC, XLE, AR, REGN, ABUSJETSCRM, PLTR, BYND, THCXFBNFLX, BLNK, TSLA, BA, MSFT, DMRC, BABA, F, GM, SLV, HD, CCIV, DDD.

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