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About PUG

I’ve been a practicing Electrical Engineer (BSEE 1988 and MSEE 1989 Purdue University) for over 28 years.  I’ve been a stock market investor for over 32 years and an active trader for over 8  years.  In the summer of 2009 I became interested in technical analysis aspect of the markets.  In particular, I began using Elliott Wave Theory, channel analysis, Fibonacci extensions/retracements, momentum oscillators and chart pattern recognition to help forecast market directional moves and improve my trading.  I began this blog in October 2009 in order to share my technical analysis with a wider audience.

Subscribers to the premium service are individual investors/traders, professional money managers, and fund managers.  Subscribers interact directly with PUG and with each other sharing technical analysis ideas via the blogs comment section.

The nickname, PUG, comes from my love of all things about Purdue University (PU) and especially Purdue Football or Gridiron (G).

You can contact PUG (Steve), via e-mail at



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