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Gold Technical Analysis Long-Term View

Gold Elliott Wave Technical Analysis

This page shows the Gold Technical Analysis long-term view.   Weekly time frame charts for Gold are displayed.   The Gold Technical Analysis uses Elliott Wave Theory, channel analysis, Fibonacci extensions/retracements, momentum oscillators and chart pattern recognition.

GLD Weekly 3-17-20:

Gold Technical Analysis

GLD Weekly 12-4-19:

PUG GLD Weekly 12-4-19

GLD Weekly 7-1-19:

PUG GLD weekly 7-1-19

GLD Weekly 2-5-19:

Gold Technical Analysis

GLD Weekly 8-15-18:

Gold Technical Analysis

GLD Weekly 1-5-18:

Gold Technical Analysis

GLD Weekly 10-3-17:

Gold Technical Analysis

GLD Weekly 4-25-17:

GLD Weekly Chart 11-11-16:


GLD Weekly Chart 6-9-16:


GLD Weekly Chart 2-12-16:


GLD Weekly Chart 10-14-15:


12-19-13 Gold 200-Year Chart:



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