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PUG Stock Market Analysis is here to help with SP500, QQQ, IWM, Gold technical analysis, stock analysis and more.

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    SCI-SCV, SCA-SCC: Super Cycle
    C1-C5, CA-CC :Cycle
    P1-P5, PA-PC : Primary
    [1]-[5], [A]-[C] : Major
    1-5, A-C : Minor
    (1)-(5), (a)-(c) : Minute
    i-v, a-b : Minuette
    Primary Count:
    White/Green (Bull Market)
    White/Red (Bear Market)
    Alternate Count: Blue

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3. This is not an economic, news or political blog.  I don’t “adjust” my technical analysis for this day-to-day type of “white noise”.  Please stop discussing it here and asking how it affects my analysis.

4. Please stop the wild guessing type comments about where the market is headed.  If you have some technical analysis to share to support your prediction, then please share it.  Acceptable technical analysis are charts, patterns, cycles, historical data, etc. 

5.  Elliott Wave Counts:  The purpose of this blog is to show PUG’s wave counts.  Any other wave counts are a distraction and not permitted in the comments section.  All questions about wave counts should be directed towards PUG and the focus should be entirely on the wave count(s) PUG has shown.

6.  Absolutely no promoting yourself, your blog or someone else’s blog on this blog site, unless I have invited you to do so.

7.  Absolutely no discussion of other financial analyst (fundamental or technical ) here on this blog site.

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