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May 20th, 2020: Premium Service Offer – Get June Free with Semi-Annual (July-Dec)

Posted by pugsma on May 20, 2020

Sign up for Year 2020 Premium Service Semi-Annual for 6 Months (July-December) at $360 ( Buy Now ) and get the rest of the month of May 2020 and all of June for Free. 


Sign up for Year Premium Service for Quarter 2, Pro-rated 1 Months (June) at $60 ( Buy Now ) and get the rest of the month of May 2020 for Free. 

The Premium Service uses Elliott Wave Theory, channel analysis, Fibonacci extension/retracement, momentum oscillators and chart pattern recognition to help forecast market directional moves in the SP-500, other indexes, various stocks and commodities.  Based on PUG’s own charts, trend lines and price movement projections, PUG will provide technical analysis updates.

  • Focused on the SP-500 Forecast using charting and technical analysis.
  • Additional price forecast for various indexes, stocks, bonds and commodities  (examples: QQQ – Nasdaq, IWM – Russell-200, Treasury Bonds – TLT, Gold – GLD, etc.) using charting and technical analysis.  Which additional charts are chosen is entirely up to PUG’s discretion based on significant price movement changes of importance.
  • Website daily updates with password protected premium content (Note: updates are for days in which USA markets are open).
  • Daily market commentary and charts (15-min, 60-min, 4-hr, daily and weekly time frames) with price movement projection provided.
  • Moderated comments section where subscribers can interact real-time with PUG and other subscribers on technical analysis.
  • New for 2020:  Occasional video chart updates with commentary.

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