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May 8th, 2020: BYND 4-hr Chart Update

Posted by pugsma on May 8, 2020

During March, BYND price broke below 71.91 and thus Primary 2 (P2) continued lower dropping to 48.18, but holding above the start of Primary 1 (P1) at 45.00.

Since the P2 low at 48.18, there are clearly 5 waves up to 127.84 for major [1] of Primary 3 (P3).  Major [1] could be over at 127.84 or could extend to the 135.23 pivot area (where minor 5 =1.62*minor 1 target at 137.79), before the major [2] pull-back to the 100 area.

BYND 4-hr chart (as of Close 5-7-20):

BYND Technical Analysis

2 Responses to “May 8th, 2020: BYND 4-hr Chart Update”

  1. Alex Paz said

    Any updates to the chart Pug??

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