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February 11th, 2020: TSLA 15-min Chart Update

Posted by pugsma on February 11, 2020

TSLA price hit 819.99, just below my green price target range of 828/862 set on Feb 6th.

I still see possible downside risk to the 62% Fib at 617.

TSLA 15-min Chart:

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2 Responses to “February 11th, 2020: TSLA 15-min Chart Update”

  1. lokuly said

    Does anything about TSLA align with Elliott Wave?? I’m happy I own some but feel stupid because it doesn’t feel like there is any plausible justification for things to be where they are at. Every time I get ready to sell, it turns out I’m glad that I didn’t. I need an E Wave view of that thing

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