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Nov 4th, 2019: MCD Daily Chart

Posted by pugsma on November 4, 2019

MCD Daily Chart:

MCD Technical Chart

2 Responses to “Nov 4th, 2019: MCD Daily Chart”

  1. kazoom1618 said

    Hi Steve – a question about TA with dividend-producing stocks like MCD:

    Freestockcharts defaults to unadjusted prices, while Stockcharts defaults to adjusted prices. This can change trendlines somewhat, but has a more profound effect on Fibonacci retracement prices.

    For example, the Jan 2018 low is 178.70 (unadjusted) and 172.18 (adjusted), so a 50% retrace is either $184.24 or $182.11

    With high-dividend producers, like CTL, this can change one’s target price even more.

    Is there a suggested preference in classic TA?


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