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April 10th, 2019: Boeing (BA) 60-min Chart

Posted by pugsma on April 10, 2019

Boeing (BA) has a potential triple bottom at 361.52 with a measured move to 435.80 (which back near the all-time high of 446.01) on a break above 398.66.

BA 60-in chart:

BA Technical Analysis

4 Responses to “April 10th, 2019: Boeing (BA) 60-min Chart”

  1. rat8nine said

    ba is very interesting here Steve, thanks. Will share my charts later this week.

  2. kazoom1618 said

    If that double bottom fails, there is a possible wedge forming:

    BA daily:

  3. rat8nine said

    I find ba very interesting, and the setup Steve is showing could still play out with a marginal lower low as Kazoom suggests is possible. I have drawn a bull median line set based on the low in place on both the daily and the 60 minute charts. On the daily chart the magenta lines are a .786 and .886 retrace of the move down as it stands, while the red line is the 1.128 external retrace for a marginal higher high. Note that as it stands right now, a retrace of .886 is right at 436.38

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