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February 1st, 2016: AAPL Wave Count Update

Posted by pugsma on February 1, 2016

12:05 pm EST:  AAPL price action continues to look very week.   I have the red count has major [1]-PC-C2 bottoming at 92.39 and a major [2] bounce underway to the 103.74 pivot.  However it’s possible that major [2] of PC-C2 already completed at 101.53 (i.e. blue count) and the major [3] wave down towards the 66.57 pivot is already underway.  Breaking the 92.00 pivot should be decisive.

AAPL 4-hr chart:

PUG AAPL 4-hr 2-1-16

AAPL daily chart:

PUG AAPL Daily 2-1-16

AAPL weekly chart:

PUG AAPL Weekly 2-1-16


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