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January 1st, 2016: AAPL Wave Count Update

Posted by pugsma on January 1, 2016

5:15 pm EST:  AAPL price hit 104.82 and has approached a very important inflection point here at the 103.74 and 100.71 pivots.  A break-through of this area will likely confirm the bearish red wave count for the PC-C2 wave heading for the 55.00 pivot.  However a hold above this 103.74 pivot area, which is the 62% retrace of the 92.00 to 123.82 move, would give the bullish blue count for a P5-C1 heading to 165.58 new life.

AAPL 4-hr chart (EOD 12-31-15):

PUG AAPL 4-hr Chart 1-1-16

AAPL daily chart (EOD 12-31-15):

PUG AAPL Daily Chart 1-1-16

AAPL weekly chart (EOD 12-31-15):

PUG AAPL Weekly Chart 1-1-16

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