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July 1st, 2014: CORN and WEAT Count Update

Posted by pugsma on June 30, 2014

4:30 pm ESTCORN broke below the early 2014 low of 29.50 indicating the P2 correction lower is still underway and likely headed for the 26 to 27 area, with an outside shot of reaching 23.79 pivot.  The CORN targets are $26.60 ($3.85 per bushel) to $24.17 ($3.50 per bushel).

CORN 60-min chart (EOD, 6-30-14):

PUG CORN 60-min chart 6-30-14

CORN 4-hr chart (EOD, 6-30-14):

PUG CORN 4-hr chart 6-30-14

CORN weekly chart (EOD, 6-30-14):

PUG CORN weekly chart 6-30-14

WEAT so far has held above its early 2014 low of 13.31, thus keeping alive for now the primary wave count that the P2 low is in place.

WEAT 60-min chart (EOD, 6-30-14):

PUG WEAT 60-min chart 6-30-14

WEAT 4-hr chart (EOD, 6-30-14):

PUG WEAT 4-hr chart 6-30-14

WEAT weekly chart (EOD, 6-30-14):

PUG WEAT weekly chart 6-30-14


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