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1 Week Free Trial + Custom Chart Archive 2021 Annual Subscription Pro-rated (Oct-Dec)

Posted by pugsma on February 11, 2021

$60.00 for 1 year with 1 week free trial

1-Week Free Trial With Access to the 2021 Custom Chart Archive (CCA) Service.  Then a 2021 Annual CCA Service Subscription (Ends Dec 31, 2021) when the 1-Week Free Trial Period Ends.   Note: Cancel at anytime before the end of 1-week free trial period to not be billed for the 2021 Annual CCA Service Subscription.

Access to the Annual Custom Chart Archive of ALL custom charts prepared for ALL subscribers.     

  • Custom chart archive access gives a subscriber access to ALL custom initial and update charts during entire calendar year.
  • This is not just their own personal charts, but ALL charts prepared for ALL other subscribers (expected to be 100’s of charts).
  • PUG (Steve) will add his own custom charts to supplement the service.

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