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January 10th, 2020: Video Review of SP-500 Daily Chart

Posted by pugsma on January 10, 2020

Below is an end of the week video review of the SP-500 daily chart.

Have a great weekend !

5 Responses to “January 10th, 2020: Video Review of SP-500 Daily Chart”

  1. Nice update Pua. I too think we are near a pullback. And yeah, it should determine the wave count as you pointed out. I’m leaning toward a bigger pullback to around 3150, which would suggest major 3 up end and your deeper major 4 down is in play. Then major 5 up into April-May to top it out. The July/August period is where I’m looking for an important low to happen, probably the low for the whole year. I don’t know how far but I’m sure you could give some projections if major 5 up does end before then.

    • pugsma said

      Thanks. Good to see your here Red Dragon Leo! I’ve had a link to your blog on my blog for the past decade.

      I’ve not been making the rounds in the blog-sphere for awhile. Planning to share my market thoughts more during 2020.

  2. donptrsngmailcom said

    Thank you for the video update…helps a lot !!

  3. hinge706 said

    Great idea , your explanation is clear
    and makes it easier to understand
    EW . I was a member but got lost just
    reading the blog and charts, now I’m
    considering rejoining

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