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June 3rd, 2019: TLT Weekly Chart

Posted by pugsma on June 3, 2019

Back on March 25th, 2019 with TLT at 124.68, PUG SMA posted a free to all TLT weekly chart with a IHS target of 133.94.  Here is the link:

Today, June 3rd, 2019 TLT hit 132.58.

Below is the original 3-25-19 TLT weekly chart and today’s 6-3-19 TLT weekly chart with nothing touched…IHS pattern played out to perfection.

TLT Weekly Chart 3-25-19:

TLT Technical Analysis

TLT Weekly Chart 6-3-19:

TLT Technical Analysis

3 Responses to “June 3rd, 2019: TLT Weekly Chart”

  1. i would then assume that this is a top… if so…as it sells off … should go back into stocks?

  2. richraz33 said

    Hey Steve — any chance of getting an update on this chart?

    • abqsteve said

      I’ll second that request since I’m seeing a potential 5 waves up completing in TLT since the November bottom. If so, profit taking in bonds could provide the cash to fuel the final rally in stocks per the primary S&P 500 count.

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