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April 22nd, 2019: LYFT Chart Update

Posted by pugsma on April 22, 2019

5:45 pm EST: LYFT 5-min chart untouched since April 17th update.  IHS playing out?

LYFT 15-min chart getting interesting with two gaps to fill going into Tuesday May 7th earnings announcement.

LYFT 5-min chart:

LYFT Technical Analysis

LYFT 15-min chart:

LYFT Technical Analysis

2 Responses to “April 22nd, 2019: LYFT Chart Update”

  1. pugsma said

    No less than 7 Wall Street Fundamental Analysts came out this morning rating LYFT from overweight to outright Buy with price targets from $75 to $86.

    Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis are beginning to align for LYFT.

    Big short positions could be a near term bullish catalyst.

    • pugsma said

      LYFT price hitting 62.10 (matching previous peak at 62.30) is forming an even larger IHS with neckline at 62.10 and target of 68.64. Right shoulder forming now between 61.00 and 59.66.

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