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March 26th, 2019: SP-500 Chart Update

Posted by pugsma on March 26, 2019

4:20 pm EST:   Wave minute of (1) of minor 3 of major [3]-P5-C1 is underway off the minor 2 low of 2785.   Minute wave (1) is off to a wave i-ii start at 2830, 2804.  The wave iii-(1) target is at iii = 1.62*I = 2877.

SP-500 15-min chart real-time link:

SP-500 15-min chart:

SP500 Technical Analysis

SP-500 60-min chart:

SP500 Technical Analysis

SP-500 4-hr chart:

SP500 Technical Analysis

3 Responses to “March 26th, 2019: SP-500 Chart Update”

  1. pugsma said

    The NYSE A-D Line continues to look extremely bullish and has already broke above the equivalent of the SP-500 2941 high.

    The NYSE A-D Line LEADS, yes LEADS, the SP-500 price. Pull-backs are being bought because of this and the ZBT (rate of change SPX buy trigger) since the 2347 low.$NYAD

  2. pugsma said

    Also the SP500 is very close to a “golden cross” of the 50-day SMA (2743) above the 200-day SMA (2755). Could happened by Friday of this week.

  3. lauter1 said

    Thanks Pug. There’s also some confluence at your 2877. Pitchfork upper line as well as small gap to fill back in October.


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