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April 2nd, 2014: SP-500 EOD Update

Posted by pugsma on April 2, 2014

4:30 pm EST:  Yet another day with a new all-time high on the SP-500 at 1893.  🙂   Also, the DJIA matched its all-time high from Jan 2nd at 16,588 today.

The primary count is that wave (1) of minor 5 of major [5]-P3-C1 either topped to at 1893 or will have one more push up to 1895-1900 tomorrow.  Once wave (1) completes, there should be a small wave (2) correction to back-test the 1884 break-out before wave (3) of minor 5 pushes up towards the ascending triangle target of 1934.  Ultimately, P3-C1 should reach the 1941 to 1953 target zone for completion near the end of April to beginning of May.

The alternate (blue) blue count is much more bullish and will see this minor 3 of major [5]-P3-C1 melt-up continue for several months with only small pull-backs on the way above SPX 2000 to 2085 (see daily chart for details).

SP-500 15-min chart (EOD):

PUG SP-500 15-min chart EOD 4-2-14

SP-500 60-min chart (EOD):

PUG SP-500 60-min chart EOD 4-2-14

SP-500 4-hr chart (EOD):

PUG SP-500 4-hr chart EOD 4-2-14

SP-500 daily chart (EOD):

PUG SP-500 daily chart EOD 4-2-14

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