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June 21st, 2011: Q3 and Q3-Q4 Subscription Offer

Posted by pugsma on June 21, 2011

4:45 pm EST:  For new or returning subscribers, I’m offering $75 Special for Q3 (July-Sept) or $150 special for Q3-Q4 (July-Dec) 2011, where if you sign-up now you will get the rest of the month of June for free.   Also, the Q3-2011 (July-Sept) premium service is now open for enrollment at a fee of $75 ($25 month).  Existing Quarterly Subscribers can choose either the $75 Q3 or $150 Q3-Q4 service option to continue their service beyond June 2011.  Follow this link to sign-up.  

What a great 4 days to be a bull.  I called the P4 bottom on the afternoon of Thursday, June 16th with the touch of the 200-day SMA and strong bounce.  On Friday, June 17th I discussed the VIX Sell, Equity Buy signal with my subscribers and showed them the chart indicating how strong this signal has been the past 2+ years.  I even made the chart link public  after the close on Friday, June 17th.  Since then the SP-500 has moved up 40 points (+3.1%).  If you use the SP-500 tracking ETF UPRO, then you’d be up +9% on the trade.   And if you use OTM SPY options you could be up 50 to 100%.   🙂   

Enjoy tonight’s music selection by The Alarm – “Strength”  !!!

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