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Aug 22nd, 2010: SP-500 vs Copper

Posted by pugsma on August 22, 2010

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1:25 am EST (8-23-10):   JJC Copper iPath Sub-Index is definitely showing a bullish rising channel off the June lows.   I have JJC in a minor wave 3 and it looks like JJC is in minute wave (4) of 3.   Once wave (5)-3 break-outs this could help propel the SP-500 in it’s minor wave 3 upward.

JJC Copper Daily (8-20-10):

7:20 pm EST:  Dr Copper continues to help us diagnose the market if we are willing to watch and listen.    The negative divergence on Dr Copper with the SP-500 predicted the January and April tops.  Copper peaked several days in advance of the SP-500.  And Dr Copper showed a large positive divergence at the July 1st SP-500 bottom, as Copper bottomed mid-June.  Now on Friday 8/20, Dr Copper again showed a small positive divergence with the SP-500 lower low of 1064 vs the Monday 8/16 low of 1069.  Dr Copper plus the positive divergence on the 15-min and 60-min MACD forecast a rise in the SP-500 early this week.

SP-500 vs Copper (8-22-10):

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