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Dec 14th, 2009: 2010 SP-500 Price Target Forecasts

Posted by pugsma on December 15, 2009

There was great article on Bloomberg today citing the leading brokerage stragegist forecast for the SP-500 for 2010.  The average forecast was for a level of 1223 or a 9.8% increase from today’s close of 1114.  Here is the summary table.

Firm                                 Strategist             Estimate    %Change
Bank of America               David Bianco            1,275            14.4
Barclays                            Barry Knapp            1,120             0.5
Citigroup                          Tobias Levkovich    1,150             3.2
Credit Suisse                    Andrew Garthwaite   1,125            1.0
Deutsche Bank                 Binky Chadha           1,260            13.1
Goldman Sachs                David Kostin             1,250            12.2
JPMorgan                        Thomas Lee              1,300            16.7
Oppenheimer                   Brian Belski              1,300            16.7
RBC Myles                       Zyblock                     1,200            7.7
UBS                                Thomas Doerflinger   1,250           12.2
AVERAGE                                                        1,223            9.8

Here is a link to the complete article.  Well worth the read.

This data fits nicely with my bullish model posted earlier today that projects a 1260 June 2010 target price for the end of P1.  P2 will likely be mostly a sideways move (like 2004) so the end of 2010 could still be in the 1200 to 1260 range.

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